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February 2018 Newsletter

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Today I faced a very difficult decision in my administrative career. Who would I select as substitute principal in my absence? Mixed groups of 2nd through 5th grade students presented me with four options based on characters in stories they had read. How was I supposed to decide between Miss Nelson, Matilda, Miss Honey, and Professor McGonagall?!

This elementary PBL project began with students working in cooperative groups to establish social contracts with one another. Then it moved into interviewing me to learn about the characteristics needed to be an effective principal. Students analyzed information from a variety of sources to determine and justify their candidate. Finally, students prepared presentations and shared them with me. Of course they expected a decision immediately afterward!

So, Professor McGonagall could be trusted to run a tight ship and keep things in order. Miss Nelson would find a creative way to tackle any problems that arose. Matilda demonstrates intelligence, self-motivation, and sensitivity, not to mention her special powers could come in handy. And Miss Honey is an experienced, compassionate teacher with excellent dedication and problem solving skills. I won't reveal who I selected and spoil your own opportunity for contemplation (you can ask the kids), but the kicker for me is that I'm still second guessing my decision an hour later. I can only hope the students are experiencing the same lingering questions and comparisons as they reflect on the project.

True problem based learning, such as this example, excites me. Students find meaning and relevance in a task designed for them to integrate and apply their academic skills. Higher order thinking skills are activated while students also practice important soft (life) skills, such as speaking in front of a group or working as a team. I look forward to highlighting many more examples of PBL as our district continues to focus on this approach to learning.

- Mrs. McDowell

Note: Teachers are using #GoldbugPBL on Twitter to share PBL examples with our followers.

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Summit Learning

Members of the Gemini Redesign Team and parent representatives attended Summit Learning training in Topeka on January 25th. The group further developed a vision for personalized learning in Fowler schools and discovered how Summit Learning may provide helpful tools and programming that meet our goals.

Summit Parent Meeting

Join us for a Summit Parent Meeting on Thursday, February 15 at 7:15 PM in the High School Library.
Gemini Redesign

Fowler School District - A Gemini School - Where Education is Experienced


School will be in session on Friday, February 9th.

Pep Rally will be at 3:00 in the Dome and is open to the public.

JV Boys will play at 5:30.

Varisty games begin at 6:30.

Crowning will take place at half time of the boys varsity game.

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Science Fair

Kindergarten through high school students will be participating in the science fair on Thursday, February 15. Judging will take place during school that day. Exhibits will be open to the public in conjunction with Family Fun Night beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Entries that meet a set cut score will be eligible for regional competition in Liberal on March 3rd. Awards will be presented at Family Fun Night.

Parents, thank you for working with your students and their teachers in preparation for the science fair.


Fowler USD # 225 District Calendar

Students to Present at State Conference

KSDE is sponsoring the first annual Civic Engagement Conference, which will focus on providing educators and students Grades 6-12 with resources, ideas, and experiences that will improve the civic engagement culture of their schools. Speakers from across the state and region will present sessions on a variety of programs and practices.

A group of Fowler High School students applied and were selected to present at this conference on February 19th in Topeka, Kansas. Their presentation is titled "Engaging your Community through Project Based Learning." Congratulations to Avery Bollinger, Savannah Bollinger, Maria Castillo, Lia Granados, Jahim Ross, and Alexa Snook!

FBLA District 8 Conference

Congratulations to Fowler's FBLA members who represented us well at the District 8 Conference on January 17th in Johnson City. The following students placed in Objective Test Competition and have qualified to participate at state competition:

Avery Bollinger - 3rd place, Intro to Financial Systems
Sydney Bollinger - 3rd place, Intro to Business
Carlos Mendoza - 2nd place, Management Decision Making
Brayden Watson - 2nd place, Sports & Entertainment Management
Alexa Snook - 2nd place, Banking & Financial Systems
Lia Granados - 1st place, Business Communications

Great job Goldbugs!

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2nd Quarter Honor Roll

High School "A" Honor Roll

Lia Granados

High School "A/B" Honor Roll

Avery Bollinger

Madison Hayes

Diego Medina

Carlos Mendoza

Alexa Snook

Joaquin Velez-Prieto

Kambrey Weber

Middle School "A" Honor Roll

Wyatt Ellis

Ryleigh Foster

Alli Granados

Jacelyn Huelskamp

Charlie Littlewood

James Littlewood

Abby Zortman

Middle School "A/B" Honor Roll

Bethany Barrera

Samanta Granados

Aiden Holt

Nathan Peters

Joselyn Romesburg

Kimberly Velez-Prieto

Elijah Zortman

FFA Week

National FFA Week is February 18-24. Be watching for details about special school activities to celebrate this week. Dress Like a Farmer Day will be Wednesday, February 21!

Fowler to Host Sub-state Basketball

Fowler High School will host Sub-state Basketball February 26 through March 3.

No passes will be accepted for this event.

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Fowler Mini-Cheer 2018

The FHS cheerleaders will be hosting its annual mini cheer clinic in February. Mini cheerleaders, Pre-K through 6th grade, will be performing on February 2nd during halftime of the boys varsity game. Come out and support your mini Goldbug cheerleaders!

Ready Math

Fowler Grade School has adopted a new math curriculum that parents may gradually begin seeing in their student's work. Full implementation will occur next fall.

Students using Ready and i-Ready together achieve exceptional growth. Independent research showed that students using the blended program grew faster than typical students of comparable ability.

Aspire 4 Higher

Come check out ASPIRE this February! We will be working with students as they prepare for the science fair! We can’t wait to see all of the exciting science fair exhibits on Feb. 15!! In addition to this, ASPIRE is beginning Spanish Splash. Occurring monthly with the help of parent volunteers, our JH students will make a food selection practicing their Spanish language they have been learning this year, and then invite parents and the Aspire students to share their use of the language and what they have prepared. Keep your eyes open for more details to come!

Aspire 4 Higher February Calendar

February 2018 Aspire 4 Higher Calendar. There will be no Aspire on February 9th.

Count Your Kid In

Arrowhead West Infant-Toddler Services and SKACD #613 is offering a "Count Your Kid In" Developmental Screening Clinic (for children from birth to 5 years of age). Your child's hearing, vision, and overall development (self-help, thinking, social and communication skills, and muscle development) will be screened by trained professionals.

WHEN: Friday, February 9, 2018

WHERE: Community Church - 204 Elm, Minneola, Kansas

TIME: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM


To make an appointment call: 620-885-4571

Developmental challenges can be identified early and help is available!

February 2018 Breakfast Menu

February 2018 Breakfast Menu. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

February 2018 Lunch Menu

February 2018 Lunch Menu. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

A Message from the Fowler Recreation Commission

With the growing use of the fitness center, we would like to encourage and remind all the patrons of the facility about the structure and rules in place to maintain a safe and sound facility. Posted are the rules, which are provided to each person who has received a fob, allowing access to the facility. We would appreciate compliance of the stated rules and encourage all to continue working out and maintain an active lifestyle to achieve your new year’s fitness goals.

Additionally, if you are interested in joining the Fowler Recreation Commission Board, please contact any of the current board members:

Alex Granados 255-3465

Rhonda Milford 338-6253

Stacy Milford 338-3682

Michelle Garcia 646-6193


1. Fowler Recreation Commission will not have memberships. The use of the Wellness Center will be free of charge. Contact a current Recreation Board Member to pay the deposit on a fob, then allow up to 48 hours after payment for the fob to be activated.

2. The fob will have a $20.00 deposit. When it is returned the deposit will be returned.

3. Loss of the fob will be $20.00 for replacement.

4. You must be 21 years of age to receive a fob.

5. Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted in the Wellness Center. Children, ages 12 thru 17 will be permitted with adult supervision.

6. The fob will be for family memberships only. Family members are defined as those residing in the same residence. It is highly recommended by the Fowler Recreation Commission that you DO NOT loan out your fob to anyone.

7. The fob is your responsibility, please use it respectfully. We do have record of who enters and when.


9. All participants must enter and exit through the Northeast entrance.

10. All participants must wear clean shoes into the facility.

11. All participants must leave the premises clean and make sure lights and equipment are turned off.

12. All participants should also report any damage to the facility or equipment to the Fowler Recreation Commission immediately.

13. Fowler Recreation Commission is not responsible for items lost or stolen.

14. Fowler Recreation Commission may revoke fob privileges at any time and there is a zero tolerance level.

15. Fowler Recreation Commission has the right to change any of these rules and policies at any time.

16. All participants must turn off equipment, lights, TV and wipe down the equipment when they leave.

17. The hours of operation will be posted.

Fowler Boiler Replacement Proposals

Work to be completed by August 1, 2018

Fowler Grade School

Installation of (3) new MODCON 850 boilers (or equivalent)

98% efficiency

New air dirt separator

All gas connections, supply return connections, flue piping, insulation, labor, demolition of existing boiler, any and all needed materials for full operation.

Please contact Dave Weber at 620-646-5234 to arrange for inspection.

Please submit bids to Superintendent Jeff Bollinger at 100 E 8th Ave, Fowler, KS 67844 no later than March 4th, 2018 at 8 AM.


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