By Award-Winning Author of Fallen Angels and Monster.


That's the one word on his mind as he progresses through high-school, loosing friends and gaining new ones is a hard time for him. When his best-friend, Ice, starts to become shady and not talk as much, will he give up on him, or try to help him out in his tough time?
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Awards and Acolades

SLAM, a bestselling book by Walter Dean Myers, won multiple (11 total) awards!

  1. Coretta Scott King Award Winner
  2. ALA Best Book for Young Adults
  3. NYPL Book for the Teen Age
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Goldy's Lecture

"You don't get it, do you?" Goldy finished up his soup and took mine. "The only difference between on the court and off the court is that everybody is in the game off the court. You will play, and you will win or lose. There's nobody on the bench, nobody sitting it out. You're in the game, Slam. You're in it whether you want to be or not. A lot of people fool themselves and say they're just not going to play. Believe me, It don't work that way.

(Myers pg.218)

My Summary of SLAM

Slam, a teenage African-American male, lives in a very run down and trashy part of his town. He knows he can grow up and be one of the greats, making it pro in basketball would mean the world to him, but can he keep his temper down and grades up enough to get scouted?

Interesting Facts

Walter Dean Myers has been writing independently since he was a child, but his first book was published in 1969, and has been writing full time since 1977, and has written over 90 books, only having published around 85 of them. Walter Dean Myers was born August 12, 1937, he passed away July 1, 2014 dying at the age of 76. even though he passed away, He averages 4/5 stars on most sites for his books in wether the readers enjoyed them. Averaging 4 out of 5 stars on most sites, we was considered very popular around the world!

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