Neuse River Basin

by: Amaya

Where is it?

The Neuse river is located Near Raleigh and Goldsboro. It is 248 miles from the Falls Lake Reservoir Dam in the Piedmont and its mouth is at Pamlico Sound.

How man miles of streams?

The river basin is 3,880 miles long.

How many people live in this basin?

In 1970, 370,000 people lived there. In 2000, 1,320,379 people lived there. Now, about 1,500,000 people live there.

Important places and land forms

Raleigh, Goldsboro, Neuse State Park, Falls Lake Reservoir Dam, and Albemarle-Pamlico (an estuary)


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Striped bass.

This is the striped bass is one commonly caught fish in the Neuse river.
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This is the Neuse River waterdog. it is also know as the Carolina mudpuppy or the Necturus lewisi. It is an aquatic salamander that is ONLY found in the Neuse river.
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Canadian Goose

These types of birds are found almost anywhere near a lake or river. Especially at the Neuse River.
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White tailed deer

Many deer have been found near this river basin.