Fun, Engaging Formative Assessment Tool for the Classroom

What is a Kahoot!?

A website for creating online formative assessment, such as quizzes, discussion and surveys that allows students to interact in a game-like play. Students log into the game with a simple pin and answer timed questions. The faster they correctly answer questions, the higher the points they earn, and they are ranked after each question.

Interested, here is what you need to do:

Steps to getting started

1. Create a free account

2. Find or create a Kahoot quiz (discussion or survey)

3. Load it

4. Have students go to webpage and enter pin (randomly generated each time you play)

5. Play

a. Game questions are times 5 seconds to 2 minutes

b. You can add images (or display your questions as images – best option)

Students have their own site

Students go to kahoot.it and enter the pin that is projected, they input their name and once everyone is ready, you can begin.

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