Wild Times Zoo

Wild Adventures Started Here!


101 Oak Street

Green Bay, WI



Open from March 1st - November 20th

8am - 9pm


Children - $9.00

Adults - $12.00

New Exhibit!

Our new exhibit is primates including monkeys, gorillas and so much more!

Aquatic Animals

Here at our zoo we believe that everybody should have something to look at, one of our exhibits is Aquatic Animals. These animals are mammals that live in water. They include seals, whales, dolphins, porpoises, manatees, dugongs, otters, walruses, and polar bears, and many more


Another interesting group of animals here at our zoo are the Reptiles, they include turtles, crocodiles, snakes, lizards and many more

Big Cats

This exhibit is one of the favorites at our zoo. Big cats include, tigers, cheetas, leopards, bobcat, lion and so many more.


Primates are most animals that live in forests and tress. You never know what you will find in our primates exhibit!

Small and Large Mammals

Many animals to see!


Great exhibit for all ages to enjoy.


This exhibit includes invertebrates which are animals without a backbone (frogs, snakes, etc.)

Contact Wild Times Zoo

Tell us how we are doing!

Email: wildtimeszoo@gmail.com

Phone Number: (920)-867-5309


-Dairy Queen raises $1.00 from every blizzard sold on Wednesday's at there Glendale Avenue location

-Fundraising dinner on Fourth of July with 1951 west

-Wives of Green Bay Packer players care for the animals every Friday morning

Thank you for all of your donations!

Learn about saving the animals around the globe