Hargreaves is spinning fast

How does he do it in 1768?

Spinning Jenny Not Allowed to Grow

James Hargreaves has just invented the textile machine of the future its called the "Spinning Jenny" he named it after his wife. How does it work you might ask? It works by having 8 spindles instead of one so this makes production a lot faster. So now instead of having 3 people for one machine that created one spool now it only takes one worker to make 8 spools of thread. Although this may sound good this isn't making the government and workers happy, because it is taking away jobs and money from hard workers which means that the government isn't getting the money they need for taxes to pay off the U.S debt.

Hargreaves has also invented a new "Spinning Jenny" that now uses not just 8 spindles of cotton but would use 16. The government said "NO" because this would take away more jobs and a lot more money, not just from good workers but also the U.S government. Why do you think the U.S government is mad? You would think it would be better and easier for the U.S trade with other countries, but with out taxes and money we won't be able to pay off the U.S debt.