My Poems

By Faith

Basket Ball Game (Simile + Metaphor)


Im ready to shoot to make the game.

It's a risk Im willing to take.

Will It go out of bounds or get leaped out of my like a rabbit jumping into its hole.

The game is here and it's the big day.

My team is a entourage here to help me.


Nature's Wisdom (Personification)

The sky dreams of visiting the earth.

Where the stars tell a thousend stories

and the sun shows the world to you.

Where stones follow the roads of ground.

When mountains rise to look down on wary travelers.

In the trees fire dances a top.

With the sea teaching many burdens.

Old Times (Limerick)

There was a cat

who lived in a hat.

He smelled funny and he loved chasing bunnies

but wait his name was Pat.

Chips,Chips (Imagery)


A bag of chips super salted, a flavor mess.

Can't stop eating over 100 now.

WAIT! Where's the rest. The couch is now a mess.

My mom's coming home what to do.

should I tell her a cow came through, or should I just plain lie about it.

Chips,Chips,Chips I WANT MORE!