News In The Middle East

Sometime this spring there will be another crisis over Iran's nuclear program. There are several reasons to believe that 2013 crisis will be different, and the Tehran will agree to limit the nuclear program, or Israel and the U.S. will move to military actions. Obama's re-election gives him a freer hand to make a deal or consider a military action. If no deal has been made. " A nuclear-armed Iran is a problem that can not be contained", Obama told the U.N. General Assembly. "The U.S. will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon". The president also has doubters, those doubters think he used the "tough talk" against Iran just for a vote booster. Only time will tell if his anti-war personnel surfaces.

Iranian space officials have announced that they would attempt to send another monkey into space. Iran failed once in 2011 to launch live monkey into space. Success the first time around boost Iran's goal of sending a human into space by 2020 and an astronaut into space and landing on the moon by 2025. The country has already sent its first built satellite into space in 2009. They have also launched a rocket that delivered a rat, two turtles, and a worm into space. The country also sent Earth-observing satellites into orbit in 2011 and 2012.

Nearly 50 Iranians head home after being freed by Syrian rebels in a prisoner swap. The plane that was set to take them home was delayed because of high winds and a winter storm headed that way. An airport official said the plane was waiting to take them home later that day. Syrian rebels claimed the captives were linked to Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard, but Tehran has denied saying they were pilgrims.

News in Iraq. There was a suicide bomber driving a van packed with explosives. The man who was driving the car blew himself up outside of the offices of a northern Iraq early Wednesday. This van explosion killed at least 33 people across the country.

Really bad weather hits Iraq's oil. The really bad weather cuts out oil exports from Iraq's ports. The ports now have to have 960,000 barrels per day on a Sunday from 2.35 million per day a shipping source said."High winds in the gulf are preventing loads of ships from leaving the port on Sunday. The source said"stay steady if you pass it."

In other news leader Ayatollh Ahmad Jannati is accusing the United States and Israel of plotting to start a civil war in Iraq.

In news today the Taliban attacked the Afghan Spy Agency. The Taliban set of a bomb that was in a van, in one of the most secure parts of Kabul. The bomb killed 1 agent and injured at least 30 civilians.

In other news the United States is trying to pull out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran after 10 years of fighting. They think we should get rid of NATO's most monstrous bases, but not our hard fought foothold.

The last news of the day, the afghan children are trying to get through this winter. The conditions in the camps are very bad, although the Minister of Refugees and Repatriations says he is doing all he can.