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Traveling to Guatemala

Guatemala is a small country (the size of Ohio) in theCentral America region. It has borders to Mexico in the north/northwest, to Belize in the northeast, to Honduras in the southeast, to El Salvador in the south. It has a Pacific coastline to the southwest, and a tiny piece of Caribbeancoastline to the east.

The climate in the Central and Western Highlands is generally mild. It can get cool at night even in the summers, especially at the higher altitudes. El Petén and the Pacific Coast are tropically hot and steamy.

It is difficult to travel in the more remote areas during the rainy season between mid-May and mid-October (into mid-November in the north).

The months of March and April are very hot especially in the low lying areas such as the Pacific coastal plain.

Address people you don't know in a formal manner (Señor, Señora, Usted), and greet people in the following way:

day - "buenos días" "feliz día"night- "feliz noche" "buenas noches" You'll encounter this in more suburban, rural areas. Native Guatemalans are raised to greet strangers formally.

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