Water Project

Why we need water

Some of the water properties.

Water is know as the universal solvent it can dissolve anything(almost anything) because it is a polar molecule When a neutral molecule has a positive area at one end and a negative area at the other, it is a polar molecule. It's adhesive which means that water clings to other things like a boot or a leaf or even a car.

Those bugs on the water.

When you see those water-spiders that cruise along the top of the water and to sink. This is called surface tension the water molecules "cling" together more tightly and form almost like a film across the water. This lets things like water-spiders or leafs to be able to stay float on the water.

If there was no water

If we didn't have water then everything would die plants, animals, and even people. Water transportation would come to a halt along with shipping out goods and receiving goods. if we didn't have water life would end unless someone made artificial water which probably won't happen. The world only has about 3% freshwater and that's mainly because of our great lakes.

Capillary action

This occurs when a liquid moves along a solid object. The liquids molecules cling to another object. An example if you out died/colored water into a flower vase and out flowers into it the flowers will turn colors to whatever the water is. Another example is when you spill something and wipe it up with a paper towel but the liquids don't spill.

A water molecule

This molecule is pretty much 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Or H20 There can either be 2 positive and 1 negative or the other way around 2 negatives and 1 positive. They stick together where they look like mickey mouse so you could call it that.