By:Nico Vernieri

Lobster parts

Lobsters have pretty weird body parts that I didn’t know of like lobsters have two stomachs. Lobsters also have a green gland, a bladder, and a muscle. They also have a crusher claw, they have walking legs, and a digestive gland. They also have eyes, brain, intestine,swimmerets,anus, antenna, artery, brain, and to end it off a heart of course.

How many eggs could a lobster lay?

Lobsters could actually lay whopping 10,000 to 20,000 eggs laid from the lobster! That’s a lot of eggs laid!

How big Could a Lobster get?

Lobsters could actually be as big as… 4 FEET LONG! That’s about as big as a person WOW! I hope no one in my grade is smaller than a 4 foot long Lobster hopefully.

Where lobsters Live and their Hiding Place?

People have found out that lobsters place in the ocean at the bottom. They choose the opinion of going on mud,sand,gravel or cobble. They all go under the cobble to hide from other animals that eat lobster and could catch falling food from dead animals. Adult lobsters don’t care they’ll go anywhere. They also have less animals trying to eat the adult lobster.

Whats a Lobsters Life Cycle?

A lobster's first stage of a lobster’s life cycle is being 8mm. Their second and third part of the life cycle is 9mm and 11mm. The fourth and final stage is being a Postlarvae and that’s 15mm. It also takes 3 through 12 weeks to be a Postlarvae.

Fun Facts!!!!!!!!

~ Lobsters have two stomachs.

~ Lobster’s pee out of their faces.

~ Lobster’s were considered poor man’s chicken and

lobster were fed to pigs.

~ Lobster’s aren’t red they turn red when cooked, they are

usually green,yellow and sometimes light blue.
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Blue Lobster Molting (full process)