Ali Contreras period 2

Red Scare: The Sacco and Vanzetti Case

The red scare is the fear of communism, people are afraid of communism because they believe that it will take of the country

Automobile I: The Life and Time of Henry Ford

The impact that Henry Ford made on society was huge he created the first affordable car for the average man also he perfected the assembly line which made production of the Modle T a lot faster

Automobile II: The new world of Automobility

Automobiles had changed society because they became more affordable to the average person so it provided more independence for women and teens, also it allowed workers to live in suburbs and drive to the city to work

The Mass Media I: Radio

The new culture that the radio had created was pop culture, u would be able to talk to anybody about baseball and they would know what ur talking about because of the radio

The Mass Media II: The Birth of movies and movie stars

With every one owning a radio many people would tune in to listen to movies or shows with that came with actors being know world wide and becoming famous

Changing roles of women

Women weren't treated equally they weren't allowed to vote or allowed to join the military, during WWI they would work in the factor which won them their right to vote in the 20s also in the 20s they would be a lot more rebellious

Evolution and the Scope Trial

During the 1920s there was a clash between science and religion, a teacher named John T. Scopes that had taught his class the ideals of Darwinism and taught them about evolution which is a illegal in the State of Tennessee

Fighting Racism

The NAACP is very important because they give legal representation to colored people in court. Also Marcus Garvey is very important as well because he created the famous quote "black is the beautiful" and was the leader of the back to Africa movement.

Jazz Age I

Jazz is music inspired by African rhythm and is very up beat. There many forms of jazz the most popular are swing and blues. Jazz was created in Up north during the Harlem Renaissance.

Jazz Age II

Although the there are many types of jazz the most popular are swing and blues. Blues is jazz with lots of emotions put into its lyrics and beat. Swing on the other hand is very energetic and up beat.

Painter of the Harlem Renaissance

Many Painters emerged during the Harlem Renaissance, and with so many artist came many art forms. The art forms that came out of Harlem was Art Deco, les fuvas, surrealism, and cubism.

Poets of the Harlem Renaissance

During the Harlem Renaissance there were many poets that would right about the injustice that they have to face at the time. One of the most famous activist writer was Langston Hughes. The most famous poem he wrote about segregation was "I too, sing America"

Heroes of Anerican Aviation

Charles Lindbergh is an important American aviator because he was the first man ever to fly solo on a transatlantic airplane flight in the 1927. He is viewed as a hero in aviation because he was the first knew man to ever complete the flight. There where two other pilots that had tried to complete the fight but they couldn't make it all the way. Charles was considered the under dog in the competition.

American Sports

Baseball and many sport became famous because of radios. Many sports names where well know around the house like Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth was one of baseball best players because he had the record of hitting the most homeruns in the MLS.

Organized Crime

organized crime was a huge problem during the 1920s because with the prohibition and the banning of selling alcohol many gangsters like Al Capone took advantage. Al Capone was one of the greatest gangsters because he had owned the most speakeasies during prohibition.

Racism and Nativist in the 20s

Racism was a huge problem during the 1920s because of the rise of members in the KKK. Many people joined the KKK because they appeared normal to the American people. Also because they seemed normal they believed it was the American thing to do was to joint the KKK.

Immigration Restriction

the comprehensive immigration law was established because they believe that there where too many immigrants in the United States. Because of many racist groups and nativist supported the immigration law congress had passed them