The Wonderful World of Water

by: Christopher Pace period-5

"Enjoy it while you have it," my dad used to say on numerous occasions. Water on Earth is running out little by little, but eventually, that adds up. Water is an amazing thing, and without it, there would be no life.

Water is astounding. There is an amazing story of how it got on Earth. The Hydrogen molecules are leftovers from the formation of the universe, and the Oxygen molecules are from stars in previous solar systems. There is also a reason for why we are one of the only known planets with liquid water. We have the perfect atmospheric pressure, and we are the perfect distance from the sun. Every star has it's "Goldilocks zone." It is a place where it is just the right temperature to survive.

Water has many other astounding features. It helps you stay focused also. says that the reason for that is "It increases the amount of oxygen in the body; more oxygen in the body means oxygen in the brain and therefore boosts our alertness and mental clarity."

Water is something we all need, and it is very healthy for you. These quotes from explain why we need water. "It acts as both a solvent and a delivery mechanism, dissolving essential vitamins and nutrients and delivering them to cells." "Our bodies also use water to flush out toxins, regulate body temperature, and aid our metabolism."

Water helps you live longer because it removes toxins and nourish calls. Removing toxins can help prevent disease, which therefore helps you live longer. Nourishing cells helps you fell stronger, and it does make you stronger. You will have a stronger immune system and be less prone to disease.

There are many other interesting facts about water too, such as this one from "Only 3 percent of Earth's water is fresh water." Some more interesting facts are, Water covers about 70 percent of Earth. Also, water makes up nearly 60 percent of our bodies.

Water is an astounding thing that makes life possible. Remember that water is scarce, so don't waste it.


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