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With all flyers, I include social emotional learning and mental health resources that may be useful for you in your work with kids - video clips, occasionally audio, special days in the month and teaching tips to go with those challenging times, tech resources, fun worksheets, sel pinterest sites and community resources. Please contact me if you have used a particular activity or resource that may be useful to other staff or families..

Merci! ~Linda Campbell

special days in september

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month; International

This 1-page Special Needs Factsheet explains what teachers should know about cancer, and how to help students with the disease do their best in school.

September (Days)

September 4: World Cerebral Palsy Day; International


First Sunday after Labour Day: National Grandparents' Day International


September 9: International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day

https://www.fasdoutreach.ca/ The provincial outreach office is right here in Prince George at the Centre for Learning Alternatives https://www.fasdoutreach.ca/about/staf

September 10: World Suicide Prevention Day

MindCheck http://mindcheck.ca/
Kids Help Line
Suicide KidsHealth.org
My Friend is Talking About Suicide
Suicide Prevention - National Institutes of Mental Health
Guide: The Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide (PDF)
Toolkit: Preventing Suicide for High Schools
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We're Going to be Friends
An Open Letter to Students Returning to School
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