Howard Schultz

By: Savannah Sloan

CEO of Starbucks

20,000 starbucks coffee shops have been planted worldwide.


Howard Schultz is considered a leader because he has initiative. He saw something in what Starbucks could have been, and he didn't stop until he got there

History of the man

Howard Schultz was born in Brooklyn on July 19th, 1953. Schultz was an athlete growing up. He left Canarsie with a football scholarship to Northern Michigan University in 1970. He graduated with a degree in communication in 1975. Schultz found work at a European coffee making company called Hammarplast, and soon became the director of sales. He soon noticed that he was selling more coffee makers to a small operation in Seattle, Washington. This "small operation" happened to be Starbucks. He said when he first walked in he knew it was a "special place" and was hired as the director of retail operations and marketing. He came up with the idea that Starbucks shouldn't just sell coffee products, but other products as well. As the company grew, so did Schultz, and he became the CEO of the Starbucks Company (which happens to be the largest coffee company).