Hall Of Fame By: The Script


  • All the members of the band are Irish
  • There are three members of the band
  • Hall of Fame is the song that put the band on the map
  • As soon as they met they hit it off
  • Starting out, they hammered out three songs in a week

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Below you will find 4 videos:

  1. The Script, talks about their song Hall of Fame and performs it LIVE in an acoustic session
  2. The making of the album #3
  3. A live performance feat. WillIAm on the Ellen show. (So you can see their stage performance)
  4. A Alvin and The Chipmunks version of the song (They are just so cute! They have three members and so does the band)
The Script - "Hall Of Fame" (LIVE Acoustic Session + Interview)
Making of #3 - The Script
[Lyrics+Vietsub] Hall Of Fame - The Script ft. will.i.am (Ellen Show HD)
The Script - Hall of Fame ft. will.i.am (Chipmunk Version)