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Human, Natural, and Capital Resources

Many things are needed to make a good or a service. These things are called productive resources.

Productive resources include human resources, natural resources and capital resources.

Human resources are the workers.

Natural resources are things that come from nature and are unchanged by human hands. Examples of natural resources are water, air, trees, minerals, and animals.

Capital resources are man-made tools and equipment used to produce a product. Examples of capital resources are factories, equipment, and tools such as hammers, saws, and computers.

Look at the image below.

Can you sort the resources above into the correct categories?

When you have sorted the resources, compare your answers to the answers below.


Capital Resources: Computer, Lawn Mower, Desk, Factory Buildings, Truck
Human Resources: Builder, Policeman, Miner, Teacher, Firefigher
Natural Resources: Oil, Soil, Wood, Sunlight, Coal, Water


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