NC Teacher Evaluation Tool

Review of Standards & Performance Rating


A. In the Classroom

B. In the School

C. In the Profession

D. Advocate

E. Ethics

Environment & Diversity

A. Environment

B. Diversity

C. Individual/Expectations

D. Special Needs

E. Families



B. Know Content

C. Interconnections

D. Relevance

Facilitating Learning

A. Know Students

B. Planning

C. Variety of Methods

D. Technology

E. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

F. Leadership/Group Work

G. Communication

H. Assessment


A. Analyze Student Learning

B. Link Professional Growth to Goals

C. Function in Their Environment

Academic Success of Students

"The work of the teacher results in acceptable, measurable progress for students based on established performance expectations using appropriate data to demonstrate growth."

--Cheryl Fuller, Independent Consultant to DCS

Performance Rating Scale

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Evaluation Requirements:

BT's and Provisional License Teachers: 4 Full Evaluations (3 administrative and 1 peer)

On-Year Continually Licensed Teachers: 3 Full Evaluations (3 administrative)

Off-Year Continually Licensed Teachers: 2 Evaluations of Standards 1&4 only

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