Tryon Palace

By Hannah Hunt

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The History of Tryon Palace

Tryon Palace was built in 1770 by Royal Governor William Tryon in New Bern, North Carolina to be the home for him and his family. The building of Tryon Palace created the first permanent capital in North Carolina.

Why is Tryon Palace Important?

Tryon Palace is important because it was the first capital of North Carolina. George Washington also visited Tryon Palace. After the American Revolution the first meeting for North Carolina's government was held in Tryon Palace. Tryon Palace helps us to remember North Carolina's early history.

Tryon Palace Today

In 1798 a fire burned down the original building built by Royal Governor William Tryon. The structure that stands today is a replica of the original Tryon Palace and was built in the 1950's. Tryon Palace is open to the public for tours year round.