What I learned about Premiere Pro

By: Pavan Susarla

My topic is adobe premiere pro

I chose this topic because I am taking media next year and I want to make better segments.

Why this topic is important to study

As a multimedia student you need to know how to create the best segment possible.

Also you will expand your knowledge on creating something visually appealing.

Translucent text.

Translucent text can be useful when you want a video to show in the text.
Translucent text

Three-Way color Correction

This is useful when you want a certain part of your media to stand out
Three-Way Color Correction

Warp stabilizer

This effect is useful when you have a shaky video.

It takes some time to apply because it needs to analyze the video to stabilize it.

It has varied effects but it can really help.

Warp Stabilizer


This feature allows you to change the angle of a clip without having to insert the clip into the timeline twice.

It will also allow you to add transitions between each angle change.

The learning proccess

If your are independently studying something you need to be able to push yourself to get something accomplished. You also need to be interested in the topic to get something done.

My next steps

What I want to do next with this knowledge is to make better segments next year than this year.