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Shining Diamonds

Hostess Coaching!

This week we had an amazing call about Hostess Coaching on the RockStar team! Although it wasn't recorded, I wanted to share some top takeaways with YOU! We can book, book, book, but we also need to coach so they do not cancel :)

1. When you book a show, immediately put it in the system and send the HOSTESS CONFIRMATION email!

2. Always do the INVITES! Use the Stella and Dot system. It is proven to be the best! FB and other forms of invite can be used a secondary reminder! I like to send a quick Save the Date to my hostess and share with her how to send it out and I'll do the rest. (See below)

3. Touch base frequently! Don't be scared to over remind! Check your RSVP's and make sure the hostess knows who is coming and who hasn't even looked at the invite yet! This is your job!

4. Send a hostess packet! I include...

- 2-3 look books

- Hostess planner with a note to collect three outside orders. If she does, Ill gift a pair of studs on me!

- Minis

-Opportunity brochure!!!!

- Paper invites (about 20...I print the saved picture on the invitation online!)

5. Call the hostess about a week before sharing how excited you are for her show !!! Give the tips via email (see below)

6. Send a personal reminder introducing yourself to all the guests! I like to share how much fun we are going to have!


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Save the Date!

I send this to every hostess as soon as a book a show!

Save the Date!

Fall in STYLE!

So excited to enjoy an evening of style with you!

Swing by for a drink, some sweet treats, and to be the FIRST to see the

NEW STELLA and DOT FALL COLLECTION of jewelry, scarves, and bags from Stella & Dot.

Sip, Sparkle and some STYLE!

Sunday, September 21st


Hosted by Amanda Clemens

Invite to follow…

Everything ships to your door in less than a week in adorable gift packaging!

Visa, Amex, MasterCard welcome!

Want a sneak peek or can’t make it, but still want to shop online?

Type this direct shopping link into your web browser

Or contact our stylist, Stefanie Ott 610-299-8385

Then I send this email to explain what to do with the save the date!!

Great meeting you today!!! I am so excited for your trunk show. :)

I'll send all of the invites for you. I just forwarded you a Save the Date email. Send it out to everyone you are inviting and then copy me in on it. I'll take the emails from that save the date and use them for the invitations that I will send by TUESDAY :)

The first thing to do is to create your guest list. Try to think of as many people that you can to invite. Typically only 1/3 of the guests actually come. I would try to come up with around 30 people. Think of different social circle...friends/preschool moms/moms clubs/family/church.... My goal for you is to get you the most amount in free jewelry credits. Here is the break down...

$300 and 4 orders- 15% of sales back in credit and 2 half priced items (about 4 guests)

$500 and up- 20% back in credit and 3 half priced items (about 5-6 guests)

$1000 and up- 25% back in credit and 4 half priced items (about 10-12 guests)

I always tell everyone to aim for about 10 ladies or so...this plus some outside orders, can get you to $1000 in sales, which is $250 in free jewelry and 4 half priced items :)

We are going to have a blast!!!!!

Looking forward to it!


I also include a fun picture!

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Email to Hostess 4 days before the show!


I'll be at your place around 12:30pm to set up So excited for you and all of your guests!!! You are going to love it all. Once everyone gets there, I'll quickly go over a few things about Stella and Dot (shipping, new pieces, etc) for only 2 minutes! The whole point is for everyone to try on. The more you try on as a hostess, the more your friends will follow as well. My most successful shows are ones where the hostess is really involved

Just to remind you about rewards...

When your sales hit $300 and 4 orders, you'll get 15% back in credit and 2 half priced that's about $45 or so...

When we hit $500, it goes up to 20% and 3 half priced items!!!

When we hit $1000, it is 25% and 4 half priced items!

My GOAL for YOU is to hit $1000! This will give you $250+ in free jewels and 4 half priced items!

After your show, I'll go over your total. I'll then email you some wording to forward out to all of your guests that couldn't make it. You can still collect orders for 3 more weeks. In this time period, you can place your order whenever you want. There is no "closing the show" or anything like that. Everyone's jewels will ship directly to them as soon as they order. You can order once, keep some credit or accumulate more credit from outside orders and then order again. Your hostess credit just stays in your account for 6 months!

Here are my favorite tips for a successful show!

Stef xo

- Keep the jewelry and food in close range so the guests take time to really check out the pieces and find something(s) perfect for them

- Have a table cleared for me…I will bring a tablecloth, so you don't have to worry about that! A kitchen table or island work great. If you move the chairs, that is great, too - that way guests can walk around and see all the jewels

- Try on different looks and encourage your guests to do so as is a great way to show pieces they may not notice otherwise and it is fun to have everyone involved. Wear a simple shirt/dress that will go well with everything.

- Send out a reminder e-mail/text the night before, sharing how excited you are to see everyone later. Individually reach out to anyone you have not heard from - this is a great way to increase attendance!

-And most of all….have a great time! It is my experience that the hostesses who have fun, chat, and try everything on end up having more successful shows and earn more for free :-)

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Are you going for it? Make the most of the FALL!

A fun challenge.....

Have you booked your OWN show for the fall? No?

DO IT! Everyone on this team should host a HOLIDAY show! If friends and family are going to shop, why not have them shop with YOU!

If you book your own show, message me!

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