Me in fifteen years

By Marzooq jeje


Hello It's Marzooq so let's get talking. Ok here we go me in fifteen years.

I would have graduated from college with an MBA and working for a fortune 500 company.

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The Family

I don't think I will be married at 26 so I would say so I'll be single, and hanging with my brother Moubarak and my awesome mom.


I will have a curved 60 inch TV in my loft with a nice Audi R8 in the parking lot. Also I will be going on vacations at cool places like Italy, Jamaica, Australia, and Dubai.
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My friends that I think we will stay in touch with will Probably be Neel, Aaron,and Jax we will probably hangout and watch Star Wars or go on a Guys night out,

What I plan to do with my money

At 26 I will be extremely rich and all I will donate to all the schools I’ve been to like Northside, and Kromrey middle school , Middleton High School, and Yale Go cougars. thank u for listening and have an Awesome day!

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Guaranteed for you to know me