Procedure for tiny teddy trains

by Aryan

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· Chocolate (Melted)

· Smarties

· Milky way bars

· Liquorice allsorts

· Tiny teddies

· Liquorice sticks


· Microwave

· Spoon


1. Put your chocolate in a Microwave for 1 min.

2. Break your tiny teddy into half and eat the bottom half.

3. Put your Milky Way bar on the table.

4. Use your spoon to put the chocolate on your smarties.

5. Glue your Smarties on the Milky Way bar with the melted chocolate like wheels.

6. Use the melted chocolate to glue your liquorice allsorts on the back of the Milky Way bar.

7. Use the melted chocolate to glue the top half of the tiny teddy on the front of the liquorice allsorts.

8. Use the Melted chocolate to glue the liquorice sticks on the front of the Milky Way bar.


You can use these at your child's party and you do not need to use milky ways instead you can use mars and instead of liquorice sticks you can use fruit sticks enjoy. You can also do tiny teddy cars, trains and sleighs.