The Archives War

By: Elizabeth McGarry

Conflict of the Archives War

Breaking news, The Archives has just started when Sam Houston ordered the Congress to remove of the archives from Austin to Houston. Houston sent his men to get the records from the Land Office Building. Many of Houston's men were killed.

About the War

What Happened?

In the spring of 1842, when a Mexican army led by General Rafael Vasquez entered Texas. San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria were attacked by Vasquez’s 700 soldiers. Soon Vasquez returned to Mexico. When many Texans heard that Mexican troops were invading, many Texans panicked Houston ordered government archives, to be withdrawn from the capital, of fearing a attack on Austin. They were firing at officials that were loading documents onto wagons, who was led by Angelia Eberly. The Archives War ended when the documents reached Austin. Mexico invaded Texas again on September 1842. General Adrian Woll captured San Antonio with the help of his 1,400 soldiers. Mexican troops retreated, but taking captives with them.