School Newsletter

Quarter III - Spring 2019


Why So Many Votes?

During this time of transition, this is a question which is being frequently asked of our Town and City Clerks, Town and City Officers, School Board members, and me.

Under the forced merger process defined by Acts 46 and 49, there are two required votes and one optional vote:

OPTIONAL - To amend the Default Articles of Agreement. THIS VOTE OCCURRED ON FEBRUARY 19.

REQUIRED - To elect a School Board for the New Union District. THIS VOTE IS WARNED FOR APRIL 9.

REQUIRED - To approve a budget for the next school year. THIS VOTE IS TENTATIVELY PLANNED FOR MAY 14.

Prior to the forced merger, Barre City and Barre Town each voted two times (in November 2016 and November 2018) whether to merge voluntarily, and Barre Town voters twice filed petitions forcing reconsideration votes (in January 2017 and January 2019).

Additionally, the current district boards of the Barre City School District, Barre Town School District, and Spaulding Union High School District need to continue operating our schools through June 30, 2019.

In turn, Elections will take place on Tuesday, April 9 in both Barre City and Barre Town. Petitions for school director seats were available from the Barre City and Barre Town clerks, as well as at the Barre Supervisory Union Office. Petitions were submitted by the end of business day on Monday, March 11th to the appropriate clerk’s office; at-large petitions can be submitted to either clerk.

If our initial budget vote passes this Spring, we will not need to have any additional school votes and we will hopefully have only have one school vote per year after that.

- John Pandolfo, Superintendent of Schools

SAVE the DATE: Voting

Tuesday, April 9th, 7am-7pm

Barre, Vermont

Barre City and Barre Town will go to the polls on April 9th to elect school commissioners for the new Barre Unified Union School District. We will elect 4 representatives from Barre City, 4 from Barre Town, and 1 at-large member jointly elected by the City and Town.


SAVE the DATE: In House Scholarships

Wednesday, April 10th, 3pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

Applications must be completed and returned to the Guidance Office by 3:00 p.m. on April 10, 2019. Applications will not be accepted after that time.



Cultivating a College & Career Ready Culture

Our mission at Spaulding High School is to prepare students for success in an ever changing world.

Through our partnership with Vermont State Assistance Corporation's (VSAC) Aspirations Project, we will examine our "college and career culture" and prepare students to be college and career ready post graduation.

In its 5th year, the VSAC’s Aspirations Project works to "increase post secondary aspiration and continuation rates." Spaulding High School was selected in 2018 and we are among five other schools to be a part of this project. Other Aspirations Project schools are Bellows Falls Union High School, Hazen Union High School, Twinfield Union High School, and Central Vermont Career Center.

According to Tiffany Tillman, VSAC’s Aspirations Project Coordinator, "the goal of this project is to support SHS in cultivating a career and college going culture and to ensure all students have the opportunities and information needed to make the best decision for them about their future."

The Steering Committee is compromised of Laurie Berryman, Olga Benoit, Jayson Capobianco, Jim Ferland, Ry Hoffman, Michelle LaFrancis, & Ben Merril who is working with Tiffany Tillman to assess Spaulding's culture and create an action plan that can help the school.

Over the next few years, information and programming should be readily available for our community that includes the following:

  • parent informational events
  • college and career newsletters for families
  • college field trips & college and career readiness workshops during Advisory
  • PLP workshops
  • professional development for staff, so they can assist students as they navigate with their planning for post-secondary aspirations and more.

As Tiffany stated, ‘Our hope is that when we leave the schools in the next 2-3 years, the work that we do together will stay.’

To learn more about Tiffany's work, feel free to contact her at Tiffany at or


Performing Like a Pro

In a joint effort to heighten school spirit and encourage camaraderie within the building, Mrs. Elgood's Advanced Choir class is mastering it.

Advanced Choir requires students to be able to read music and have some musicality because it further challenges them around the fundamentals of singing, sight-reading, and music notation.

Although in recent months, their focus has been within the building, which has heightened school climate. These performances have allowed students to serenade and learn about a variety of styles and genres of music including classical, pop, Broadway, folk, and world music. As noted by Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Portelance who requisitioned Advanced Choir to perform for Mr. Hoffman's birthday, "we were so captivated that we just did not think about taking a picture. The performance was great, beautiful harmonies!"

And students like Brandon Brunner is in agreement. He too enjoys the opportunity to practice and perform in the morning with not only with his peers, but for others.

This is clearly evident because like Brandon, Jack Dodd and David Toborg radiate positive energy about the program. Like Brandon, they were selected to represent Spaulding High School this past March at the New England Music Festival, which is in its 92nd year and continues to be an inspirational experience for all.

According to Jack Dodd, the experience was 'amazing' and to be among so many talented people who actually enjoyed singing. He noted, in particular, how wonderful the people were and cited how a group bursted with a rendition of Happy Birthday to him because it was his birthday during the festival.

In turn, it is evident in every note, every song, and performance, the impact upon others is great.

SAVE the DATE: Spring Vacation

Friday, April 12th, 3:15pm to Sunday, April 21st, 11:30pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

Spring Break begins Friday afternoon and students are expected to return to school on Monday, April 22nd.


Not Giving Up Without a Fight

Through thick and thin, our wrestlers stuck together through the season and pushed to the end no matter the outcome.

With Darren O'Meara as the lead coach, a wave of crimson and navy have hit the mats within the state, thus causing concern among the wrestling community.

Individuals like Carter Dickinson, Hunter Quero, and Hunter Chase, along with newbie, Nick Pierce, have been fierce contenders in their respective weight class. Their pride has proved to be an unwavering force to be reckoned with and others are taking notice.

As a result of their efforts, five Spaulding wrestlers: Carter Dickinson, Matt Durgin, Hunter Quero, Colton Perkins, & Nick Pierce went to the New England Championships.

And they were just thrilled about this, especially knowing that many of them would be returning next year; more determined and powerful. According to Hunter Chase, "we had a great season and we are geared up to return even stronger, especially against Mt. Anthony."

Indeed one can say, support among their families, coaches, and teammates did not falter because the continuous cheering and chanting kept their heads in the game.

SAVE the DATE: Senior Class Meeting - Caps & Gowns

Friday, May 17th, 12pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

Members of the Senior Class are expected to attend the Senior Class Meeting in the Auditorium, so they can be issued their caps and gowns for graduation. If you have not ordered one, please see Mrs. Bicknell as soon as possible or contact her at

If you have Band C for lunch, please go to Band B.


Big picture

Changemakers within Our Community

Jada MacDonald, Jonathan Maurice and Miranda Walbridge attended the OVX (Our Voice Exposed) rally at the State House. These students connected with legislators to talk about the effects of tobacco use and especially flavored nicotine for vape products. In addition, Zoey Pickel joined other prevention specialties and attended the Peter Welch roundtable where she provided educational information to many adults regarding vaping and the effects on her school community.

SAVE the DATE: Advanced Placement Exams

Monday, May 6th, 8am to Friday, May 17th, 12pm

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT

The following is a list of dates & times for Advanced Placement Exams. Testing locations within the school will be announced. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Hoffman at

Monday, May 6th

8:00 am - US Government and Politics

Tuesday, May 7th

8:00 am - Spanish Language and Culture

Noon - Physics 1: Algebra-Based

Wednesday, May 8th

8:00 am - English Literature and Composition

Thursday, May 9th

Noon - Psychology

Friday, May 10th

8:00 am - US History

Monday, May 13th

8:00 am - Biology

Tuesday, May 14th

8:00 am - Calculus AB

Wednesday, May 15th

8:00 am - English Language and Composition

Noon - Macroeconomics

Thursday, May 16th

Noon - Statistics

Friday, May 17th

8:00 am - Microeconomics