Deondre Thomas

By: Ben Arndt

Who's tall and tough as a bear? Who can tackle any player at all? He plays for the Packers, He's the wonderful, the amazing, Deondre Thomas!

Funny Early Life

When it was raining and water flooded the streets, Deondre was scared of one thing; thunder. Deondre is very athletic so, when thunder struck he would scream and run as fast as a cheetah into his house.

Famous and Facts

Deondre is pretty well known for playing football at TCF Banks stadium. Did you know Deondre averages 5 sacks a game?! His favorite game is- since he loves football so much- Madden.


Deondre's favorite subject in school is gym. His favorite college is Oregon University. his favorite football team is the Seahawks. He loves the song "Little Einsteins Remix". His favorite chocolate is either "Reese's" or "Three Musketeers". And finally his favorite color is blue.

Another Fact

Deondre broke two bones. One time he was trying to block his brother's kick but, his finger popped up and that broke his finder. The other bone he broke was his ankle an he accidentally ran over it with a three-wheeler.

Now that you learned about my awesome friend Deondre, hopefully you will want to learn even more about him and become best friends with him!