Jackie Robinson

By: Julia Pickering


I am going to talk about a African American trying out fora white baseball team. yes I am talking about Jackie Robinson. Jackie was born on January 31 1919. He was famous for being the first African American playing on a white team.

Family Life

So Jackie was born in calico Georgia.His mom name Millie Robinson dad was Jerry Robinson. And had 3 brothers and one sisterand .married to Rachel Robinson they where married for and had three kids which were two boys and one girl. There names where was named Sharon Robinson, David Robinson and the last child was named Jackie Robinson Jr.

playing Baseball

Jackie Robinson play on the Brooklyn Doges. He positions were First base men,Infielder,Second base men, running back,and short stop. His number 42. He made 137 home runs and batted in 734. Wow he was a really good player.

Playing Baseball

the team he played on was the Brooklyn dodgers. the position first base men second base men and in field and ruining back and sort stop. And his number was 42.

The Haters

and when Jackie Robinson was playing Baseball everybody hated him.So bad they whentto the game put siegn that said mean things but Jack still played.I dont know if he ever whanted to quit.


Jackie Robinson died. October 24 1972 in north Stamford,stand ford CT. he died because of a hart attack at age 53.