Ronald Regan


Regan Information

Election of Reagan… when, what party he belonged to, how close was the election, etc… He is elected TWICE so make sure you cover both elections

He was elected on January 20 1981- January 20 1989. He served two terms as president. The first election he won with 489 electoral votes.

Issues/concerns over the national budget

He fixed all of the economic troubles that Carter started, and decreased the unemployment rate.

Reagan and the Cold War

His hand in the Cold War began after the soviet war in Afghanistan he worked with Britain. And worked with Iran to solve all of the problems in the country of Iran.

Iran-Contra Imbroglio

Was able to fix the scandal that was going on it Iran with the USA

Reagan’s economic legacy

He was able to fix the unemployment rate and created a plan to keep the US from going back down to how low it was.