Francis Hopkinson


Introduction to my war hero

Hi, My name is David Ellington and i'm doing a presentation on Francis Hopkinson. Francis was a congressman for the state of pennsylvania. The reason i picked him is because he made the original american flag and if he didn't then who would make the American flag and then we would have a different flag. Francis was also a judge for the United States District Court for the district of pennsylvania.

After the War he was an active advocate, in speaking and in writing, for the New Federal constitution. He was commissioned a Judge of Admiralty in Pennsylvania in 1780, and Washington appointed him Federal District Judge for his native state in 1790. He died very suddenly of a massive epileptic seizure in 1791, at the still young age of 53.He served in various roles in the early United States government including as a member of the Continental Congress and chair of the Navy Board. He also served as a federal judge in Pennsylvania. George Washington nominated Hopkinson to the newly created position of judge of the United States District Court for the eastern court of pennsylvania.

What Francis Hopkinson did?

  • designed the first official American flag. He was an author, a composer, and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence as a delegate from New Jersey.

Here is what Francis Hopkinson looks like.

Francis Hopkinson

Here is the tombstone i made for Francis Hopkinson

Francis Hopkinson's tombstone located in Philadelphia County Pennsylvania, USA