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Developing Nepal

The Location of Nepal is a landlock country located in the Himalayas and borders China to the north and India to the south,east and west. The Climate that Nepal goes thru cool summers and severe winters. Nepal can be divided into three geographical regions: The Himalayan Region, The Mid Hill Region and the Terai Region. Nepal is well known for farming and tourist to look at Mt. Everest and learn about monks. -Wikipedia

Health of Nepal

The Health of Nepal is low, The whole population that Nepal has in total is around 30 million people. Out of the 30 million people about 4 thousand have Hiv or Aids.The infant Mortality Rate has been increasing dramatically, out of 100 babies that were born every year, 32 babies dies out of the 100. The Life Expediency of Nepal Is very short the survey was made in 2012 that calculated Napels life Expediency the results came aS 67.96 years - CIA Fact Book

Weakness of Nepal

The water policy framed after the political change in Nepal in 1990 is export oriented to India.Nepal can generate 42,000 MW electricity in 25 years which can consume only 7000 MW only and the rest goes to India. Nepal has no no new major investments in hydro power in the past two decades nor has any long term policy been framed and is fully dependent upon India - Nepal: Weakness in harnessing Water Resources
10 Facts about Nepal. Did You Know?

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Child Labor

Nepal's child workers are a frequent sight on Kathmandu's streets, about three quarters of them are under the age of 14 but most are girls. Some of these children work from 4am - 8pm, The United Nations have been raising a fund to help the issue in Nepal. Recent protest have rocked Nepal's Capital from the death of a 12 year old girl who died working as a Domestic Helper in the district of Lalitpur. - No Life for a child [CNN]

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