Nuremberg Trials

Brenden Tanner

About Rudolph Hess

Rudolph Hess was one of Hitler's most trusted men and became Deputy Fuehrer. Rudolph played a role in the Beer Hall Putsch, this is where Hitler and his Nazi's went around arresting Jews and left-wing politicians. After this failed Rudolph fled from the area and hid from German police in the Bavarian Alps but was later found and arrested along with Hitler, Rudolph was sentenced with 18 months in jail. During this long period of jail time Hitler and Rudolph wrote the very famous book Mein Kampf. Rudolph Hess took a solo flight to Scotland to discuss peace but was arrested immediately after getting off his plane and sentenced to life in prison. After several years of being in prison Rudolph died August 17 1987 at age 93. I think that the consequence did fit this crime and that all Nazi's should have to serve life in prison for what they did to so many innocent people.
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