Summer Institute for the Gifted

22 July 2013

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Summer Institute for the Gifted at Yale! We are so happy you have enrolled your child as a student with us.

We are all getting settled into our routines and getting to know each other. The first day of classes was filled with excitement and all of the students began working on their academic objectives with their instructors.

During the evenings this week, we will begin our race to win the highly coveted SIG cup, attend a National Comedy show and a Staff Talent Show, and host our ever popular Brain Bowl.

On Saturday, our students and staff will be heading to the Connecticut Science Center for a day of hands-on learning followed by a bit of shopping.

If your child is in the Senior group (ages 15-17 only), on Thursday we will implement our Senior Privileges.

Senior students only will be able to walk to class in buddies and explore the Yale campus within our posted boundaries. Our counselor "border patrol" will ensure they mind the boundaries and keep an eye on the buddy groups from a respectful distance.

Students who fail to follow our buddy group policy and/or sign in and sign out while exploring campus will be subject to consequences that have been clearly explained to them in their house meetings.

We would like to invite you to three upcoming events: Our Parent Visitation Day, the Final Student Performance and the Closing Ceremony.

Parent Visitation Day

We invite you and your student to attend the morning portion of Parent Visitation Day on Sunday, the 4th of August in the dining hall of Silliman College. From 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, you will have the opportunity to meet your student’s instructors at our Parent-Teacher Meet and Greet and learn about your child’s academic experience with SIG.

Please note: For administrative and organizational reasons, do not arrive before 9:00 AM.

You are welcome to take your child off campus for the day and enjoy some of the local sites. Please return your child to campus by 5:30 pm, in time for dinner and their evening activities. If your student is in the Talent Show, dress rehearsal for that begins at 4 PM. Parents are welcome to attend the Talent Show at 7:30 PM in the SSS Auditorium.

If you are unable to join us this day, please don’t worry! We have plenty of activities scheduled to entertain the students on campus throughout the day.

The Final Student Performance will be on Thursday, the 8th of August at 7:30 PM in the SSS Theater across from Silliman college.

There is metered parking available surrounding Silliman College and the SSS building.

The Closing Ceremony on Saturday, the 10th of August at 9:00 AM will also be held in the SSS building across from Silliman College.

At the Closing Ceremony, you will get to hear about your child’s unique, three-week SIG experience from the Director, the Residential Dean, the Academic Dean, the Student Activities Dean, and other members of our residential and administrative staff. Please join us to celebrate the experiences, accomplishments, and memories of your child’s time with us.

We will keep you updated as to the happenings from SIG at Yale with weekly newsletters. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Campus Contact Information:

Director: CarrieAnne DeLoach

phone: 203-441-0793 email:

Residential Dean: David Wright

phone: 203-441-0793 email:

Academic Dean: Steven Muraski

phone: 203-441-0793 email:

Student Activities Dean: Jonathan Fuller

phone: 203-441-0793 email:

Nurse: Mary Thacher

phone: 203-432-0333 email:

Office Manager: Caitlan Shaw

phone: 203-441-0793 email:

Administrative Assistant: Elizabeth King

phone: 203-441-0793 email:

The campus office hours are: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Between the hours of 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM and during dinner time (6:15 PM - 7:00 PM) your call will be routed to the Emergency Officer on Duty for the campus.

For billing or administrative issues, please feel free to contact the SIG main office at (866) 303-4744 or (203) 399-5000.

We are looking forward to a fun, engaging and productive three weeks at Yale!


CarrieAnne DeLoach

Site Director


Thank you for a Wonderful Registration and First Day