Costs and Benefits of Deviance

What are the negative and beneficial effects of deviance?

Obj: We will discover the negative and positive effects of deviance. Closing: I will take notes and participate.

Functionalist Theory - Social Stability

  • Some deviance may benefit society.
  • Deviance has positive and negative consequences.

Negative Effects (Costs) of Deviance

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Deviance erodes trust

  • A society with widespread distrust cannot function smoothly. (Chaos)
  • If not punished or corrected, deviance can cause nonconforming behavior in others.
  • Ex: If parents neglect their children, more teens may turn to delinquency.
  • IT IS COSTLY - It diverts human and monetary resources. Police, teachers, or managers may spend more time on this behavior than on more serious duties.
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Beneficial Effects of Deviance

Society can sometimes benefit in spite of its negative effects.

  • Emile Durkheim observed that deviance clarifies norms by causing society to exercise social control to defend its values; society defines, adjusts, and reaffirms norms.
  • Ex: Parents see deviant parents in the media and learn what not to do, teens commit minor deviance with clothes and music to relieve adult pressure.
  • Deviance can increase unity within a society or group.
  • Ex: Women's rights, civil rights, government spies create patriotism.

More than 4,000 acts!

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What is Juvenile Crime?

Legal Violations among those under 18 years of age.

  • 3rd largest category of criminals in the U.S.
  • Criminal Activity includes: theft, murder, rape, robbery, assault, and the sale of illegal substances.
  • Delinquent behavior includes: skipping school, fighting in school, and underage drinking and smoking.

The Criminal Justice System is made up of the institutions and processes responsible for enforcing criminal statutes: Police, Courts, and correctional system.


  • Deterrence
  • Retribution
  • Incarceration
  • Rehabilitation

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