Heros Journey

by Abigail Paz

Call to Adventure

Tris was forced to react when Jeanine started killing and hurting people to see who was divergent or not . Jeanine would send her workers to check the percentage of divergent and if they werent enough , he would shoot them.

Crossing Treshold

Tris steps out of her comfort zone when she goes out of her faction and goes to Erudite. When she enters, she just keeps walking and the people dont know what to do.

3 Trials to Adventure

Trial #1- Tris saw his brother but was betrayed by him.
Trial #2- Tris had to do the process for Jeanine to open the box,but while doing that her life was at risk .
Trial #3- Tris was locked up in Erudites prison until she was healthy enough to continue the process to open the box.


Once Tris completed the process, the message Jeanine was wanting to watch was out. Tris return to her faction with the message too. The message that there is a completely other world from what they are living in.