Ocean Side Surf Shop

All of your beach needs

Our shop sells the best beach items in town!

Here you can get all you will ever need to go spend a relaxing day on the beach! From towels and bathing suites to toys to dig around in the sand with. Many of the local surfers get their boards from our store. We also sell skim boards for those of you interested in catching a little action! In our store you can find many of the top brand sandals like Sanuks or Reef's! We also carry Chakos and Kavo bags! Come and check us out to get what you need for a fun and fantastic day on the beach!!


We chose to open a partnership business because we trust each other in the financial system that we have. Many people do not trust in each other enough to open a business with them but we do. An advantage to this is that we can raise money more easily by borrowing or adding in another partner. With a partnership you only have to come up with half of the money! As long as both halves come up with their part you are good to go!

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Ourcome Disadvantages

We will trust in each other to do what is right so one is not liable for the others actions ever. We will split our profit evenly. In our decisions that we have to make we will see both side of the choice and make the correct decision together as a unit.

Become part of our Labor Union!

Our shop will have an Open Shop which means that you do not have to become part of our labor union. We would love for you to become part of our union. If you chose not to be a part of our union then that is ok you will still be covered at work we will still take good care of you while you are working for us and under our roof.

GO GREEN!!!!!!

Considering we are at the beach and we see our ocean being polluted everyday we have made a choice to set out recycling cans all around our beach. There are many go green signs around our store and we do reuse a lot of things at our store. You should try it too! It is really helpful to our environment along with the health of ourselves!

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