Morgan. M.

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A bit about me

I'm a cat person, my favorite cats are calico's.

Also I love to read, like fantasy war, or other fantasies and romance and paranormal.

And I might look mean and freakish but i'm actually nice... kind of.

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sport or club

I'm not involved with either right now, I wanted to get into wrestling but surgeries prevented that from happening;

But hopefully I will be able to play softball in the spring.

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Restaurant review.

I like the Chinese restaurants.

because you can get what you like and how much you want to eat.

it always seems to taste good.

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movie reveiw

I like the Avengers because its comical and action packed.

And its got different characteristics in it.

I'm more of an action type of person.

I can't stand horror movies..

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If i won 10,000 dollars

I would put it into a savings account,

so I could have it for something important,

Like getting a car or an apartment..

or something I've really wanted.

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Advice to someone being bullied

I would tell them to ignore the bully,

make it seem like it dosent bother them,

and talk to someone they trust about it.

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change the world

If I could change the world I would,

change government policies,

I would take away politics and ignorance.

Also, I would make the world peaceful.

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My own topic.

  • I enjoy reading, it feels like I'm somewhere else or in another world
  • Black and Lilac are my favorite colors
  • I'm honest.
  • And my nickname is toothless,
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The video, is the peek-a-boo kitten.

It was this big thing about how cute it was

a couple years back.

Surprised Kitty (Original)