Electrons on Atoms

Brooke Goode Page 6.

Steps to find Electron Configuration

  1. Find what element you are working with.
  2. Figure out the amount of electrons the element has.
  3. Use Aufbau, which is a set of numbers and letters used to write out which sub level the electrons are on.
  4. There are 4 different sub levels S, P, D, and F.
  5. There can be 2 electrons in sub level S, 6 in P, 10 in D, and 14 in F
  6. If the element is Hydrogen there would be 1 number in the S level and it would be 1s1.

Steps to find the Orbital Notation.

  1. First find the element you are working with.
  2. See how many electrons are in the element.
  3. For each sub level that you are in, take the amount of electrons that are able to fit in each sub level and put them in the orbital notation by using arrows going up and down. Put the name if the sub level and the amount of electrons under the line you have drawn.