Thoughts on training

How will this learning promote student success?

It will promote by having the teachers better understand what we are teaching and how we are being evaluated on everyday.

Explain how today's learning is on target with your beliefs.

Today's learning is on target with my beliefs because I think that all teachers should take their PDAS feedback and reflect not only on themselves but on their teaching as well. The better feedback you get, the better teaching you will do!

Your thoughts in three words or less.

Be the best!

How can we improve this course?

I would improve by possibly having the teacher's look at someone's evaluation that has been evaluated in the past just so we can see exactly what we might expect. Obviously you would erase any personal information so that no one would know who's evaluation it was, but it would be nice to see what we could potentially see when we are evaluated. That way when it does come time to get back our evaluation we won't be freaking out about seeing too much in the comment box!