Marketing Our Schools

Together, ensuring student success

Iredell Statesville Schools: We are a premier school system where students come first.

All students will receive a high quality, relevant education in a safe and caring environment which will produce confident, responsible, and globally competitive citizens. Our students will be college and career ready.

Core Values

1. FOCUS ON STUDENTS AND LEARNING: WE BELIEVE our primary focus is students and learning. THEREFORE, we will commit to providing personalized, challenging, and engaging learning opportunities for both students and staff; to take ownership of their learning and; to challenge ourselves and others to continue to improve through analysis and reflection on data and practices.

2. HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS AND TRANSPARENCY: WE BELIEVE that all our actions and decisions are rooted in fairness, respect, honesty and openness. THEREFORE, we will commit to conducting ourselves in a civil and forthright manner in all our interactions; to making all decisions in an equitable, honorable and transparent manner.

3. STRONG RELATIONSHIPS: WE BELIEVE that strong relationships and partnerships between all members of our organization and our community are essential to reach our goals. THEREFORE, we will commit to work together to ensure open communication in a safe, trusting, and respectful environment; to make data-driven decisions based on input and feedback from multiple perspectives; I-SS will strive to provide exemplary customer service to our parents, partners, students and staff to ensure satisfaction and value.

4. COLLABORATIVE APPROACH TO SUCCESS: WE BELIEVE that individuals working together in teams with a united focus are more efficient, effective and achieve greater results. THEREFORE, we will commit to working together to achieve our goals; to empower and engage others in our work and learning; to be respectful in our interactions; to hold ourselves accountable for the team’s success and to recognize that everyone can make a positive contribution.

5. PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE AND SUCCESS: WE BELIEVE in holding all students and staff to high expectations to ensure that all students graduate prepared for successful and productive futures. We are committed to embrace challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and innovation. THEREFORE, we will commit to use accurate and relevant data to make decisions; to continuously improve our instruction, operations, and interactions; to keep our focus on successful results.

Some key information about the district

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Lowest Tax Rate in area

This 2015-16 chart produced by Melissa Wike, CFO for ISS, shows the per capita income of Iredell residents compared to surrounding districts. Then, it shows the tax rate per 100 dollars valuation compared to surrounding districts. One could conclude based on per capita that Iredell County has more money it could spend to fund education.

Stakeholders "Grade" their children's schools

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Academic Performance

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Math, Science, and Reading Scores

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Graduation Rate

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Offerings at local public schools

Beta Club dresses up the school with Fall flowers

Other clubs and enrichments include: Truth Girlz, Fellowship of Christian Students, Joy Youth Club, Hunter and Safety Team, Student Council, Math Counts, Robotics, Battle of the Books

Pep Rally for Fall Sports 2015

For the first time in years, all the students could fit into the gym for a Pink Out to celebrate our fall sports teams while taking note of Breast Cancer Awareness.
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Morning Meteorologist, Matt Morano, visits with 7th grade science classes

Matt Morano from TWC News discusses all the different places you can be employed if you are interested in meteorology as well as how he creates his weather forecasts and predictions. Morano explains the real world application of what our 7th graders are learning in science class.

Day to Day

Local Newspaper Coverage

Combat the choice movement

Vouchers and Tax Credit Scholarships in the U.S.

Communications Plans from around NC

Rowan County creates videos

Buncombe County creates newsletter

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Leveraging Video

NIHS Lip Dub 2014

My Proposal

  • Create a district-wide marketing plan
  • Marketing office increases numbers of school visits
  • Create videos (1-3 minutes)
  • Move "Of the Year" celebration to Fall
  • Write and get published Back to School stories starting in July
  • Publish 4-page color newsletter regularly (every three wks)
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