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Norway is a cold place neighboring Finland and Sweden. Norway name means,Path to the North and is one of the wealthiest contrary's.

Geography and travel

The geography of Norway is mostly mountain ranges and valleys. 90% of the country's area is mountains. Glaciers are the major cause for erosion, so mountains have plateaus with a peak .In some parts of Norway rivers are mostly short and swift, There are many rapids and falls. The longest river in northern Norway is called the Tana River that flows into the Barents Sea. Two major cities are Oslo with a population of 580,000 and Bergen with a population of 213,500.The way people get around is bus, taxi, car and train.


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Religion in Norway is mostly Evangelical Lutheran and Roman catholic.The Languages mostly spoken in Norway is Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. The red of the Norway flag was taken from Denmark,The blue cross is supposed to represent Sweden, the white around the cross represented is some Norwegian kings used it in there banners and weapons.


The Currency used in Norway Norwegian krone, 1.00 USD = 8.59 NOK. The GPD per capita is 100,818.50 USD and 866,192.47 NOK. I think Norway is wealthier than the U.S because they make at minimum 100,818.50 and that is almost more than half of what the minimum wage is in the U.S. Some exports are oil, seafood, unwrough metals, timber and gas with some imports being industrial supplies, chemicals food items and capital goods.