Sound and Fury

Jennifer Marquez


The documentary Sound and Fury shows how a family is separated by the deaf and the hearing world because of the choice of whether or not to implant their deaf children with cochlear implants.


The purpose of this film is to show how a family is torn into sides which are either for or against the deaf kids in the family to get cochlear implants. Two brothers Peter and Chris, their parents, their wives, their wives' parents, their friends all constantly argue over the fact that Peter refuses to get any of his three deaf children implanted even when his daughter Heather asks for it, while his brother Chris is going to implant his almost two year old son so that he can hear. It shows how both brothers hate each other's decisions but also why each one decided on what they wanted for their children.

Achieving purpose


This film changed the way I thought about those who are deaf. I thought they would all care about not being able to hear but I learned that that's not the case for many deaf people. They are proud of who they are and they do not see that them being deaf is a disability. They love their deaf culture and I do not believe that deaf culture will die like Peter said in the end. People will remember even if one day everyone can hear.