Top 10 Technology Rules For Parents

Very Important!

Rules On Cyber Bullying, How To Prevent It, And Rules You Can Teach Your Child.

Rule #1

Do NOT be a bully on-line. It will come back at you in the future, and will haunt you forever.

Rule #2

Posting brawls on public websites can definitely put you in jail. Never do things like that!

Rule #3

Sending inappropriate links to people, or posting inappropriate images/videos on-line will send police to your door.

Rule #4

Posting "funny" pictures of you drinking, smoking, partying, and more will not help you later on.

Rule #5

Cyber-bullying is not a game. Do not do it! If you are getting targeted tell someone. If your child is doing self harm or taking their lives talk to them! TALKING HELPS!

Rule #6

Hacking will not help you be "cool" in fact police can be at your door step any day if you hack someone or something.

Rule #7

Don't invite strangers into your privacy. They may seem nice, but once one picture goes out you'll regret it.

Rule #8

Remember people can hack your webcams without you knowing it, and watch you. Always be safe and cover them.

Rule #9

If the victim isn't talking to someone, talk for them! Don't let them be all alone.

Rule #10

Never EVER add people you don't know on personal sites. (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, ect...)

Rule #11

Just because your friends are hurrassing people on-line doesn't mean you have to. Stand up for one another.

Rule #12

Talk when there's a problem. Seek help! It gets better.

Rule #13

Seeing something doesn't give you permission to send it out.

Rule #14

Think before pressing send/post.

Rule #15

Words Hurt!!!
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