who dosnt want to live on a diffrent planet?!1


welcome to coelum! were free enterprise and people thrive!!


-coelum is a free enterprise meaning you can have what you want,when you want it and how you want it.

-elections of leaders held every year

-want to join our warriors just sign up at our local recruit centers

-who dosn't want the freedom of thier own choices?!

-Its simple shipments of supplies and traded goods will come back and forth monthly and we can have whatever we want,your free to go wherever you please and do whatever you please.

-if you want to go to do something crazy and get hurt dont worry well have the best medical doctors on the spot ready to assist.

-how are you paid? simple the minumum wage is 9.45 an hour so the more you work the more money you get and thats for everyone.

-need to sell something feel free to set up stands in a nearby local black market near you.

-need to buy something feel free to stop by any grocery stores/stores you feel like going

-hungry? stop by any restraunt you want


The Promise of Free Enterprise
Rick Ross (feat. John Legend) - Free Enterprise (Black Market)


by choosing free enterprise theres freedom for all so why not come to coleum!!