Nutrition in the News

By: Lauren Shawgo

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Article Summary

Manuel Villacorta wrote this article, published in 2016 on the Huffington Post website, to give 10 tips on nutrition to the public. The article was most recently updated on March 9th of 2016. In this article Villacorta give ten tips for better nutrition. The tips include everything from what to eat, how much of certain things to eat, to improving the environment in which you eat, and various other tips for bettering your nutrition through eating habits. He discusses the importance of eating more whole plants, combining foods to boost metabolism, eating with loved ones, planning your meals and executing those plans, cooking food and using the quality over quantity technique, knowing your body and what it needs, increasing fiber, and the fact that missing or adding a meal does not make your nutrition "bad".
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Article Critique

Author Manuel Villacorta is a highly credible source of information on this subject. He is a registered dietician recognized nationally for his success and has had more than eighteen years of experience in the nutrition field. He has written over five other books on various nutrition topics, all which have been published and acknowledged in the world of nutritionists and dietitians. For this article he interviewed other Registered Dietitians and Nutrition experts to get a survey as to what their research and experience has shown to be effective in improving nutrition. The article is published and validated by the Huffington Post, a respected and well known newspaper and website. This article is clear and concise and gives straightforward information on ways to improve nutrition while using facts and research to validate each tip. For each tip he cites the dietician whom he got the information from validating its credibility. This article makes no medical claims, which add to its credibility in the fact that Villacorta does not exceed his scope of practice, nor do any of the sources from whom the information came from. Each dietician who contributed a tip makes the point that they have given the same information to clients and practices the tip in their own life. People, who have used these tips, including other dietitians and nutritionists all over the world, have had successful results, evidencing the validity of each tip. Villacorta also reached out to dietitians from all over the country in order to gather a wide range of people and their practices. Overall this article is a completely credible and reliable source of information.