G2 Expedition

Singapore Zoo, January 14th-15th.

Ready for departure

We are ready for the off! The tigers and the monkeys have been busy tidying up and have moved along a little, creating space for our camp this Thursday and Friday.

We are all so excited and looking forward to our adventure this week.

Staff attending:

Catherine Dalgarno

Caroling Doyle

Ruth Murray

Bronwyn Cumming

Allison Lau

Vince Burke

Essential dates:

Medication due: Tuesday 12th January 2016, please bring to the School Office, with the form, clearly labelled with your child's name. We have some spare forms in the office.

Please note this change - medication is now brought to the school office. If your child has an epi-pen in school we will pack this with our medical kit and it will be kept by the class teacher.

Departure: Thursday 14th January 2016, 9am. Come to school as usual at 8am.

Arrival back: Friday 15th January 2016, 12.15pm, High School Fountain.

Packing List Reminder

The children must wear their PE kit during this expedition.

Things to pack in your child’s green school backpack.

* 1 school PE Shirt for day 2.

* 1 set of casual clothes

* Covered shoes – comfortable to walk in

* Pyjamas or sleeping attire

* Undergarments

* Raincoat

* Toiletries

* Small towel

* Sleeping bag/sheet to sleep under (labelled) – roll up yoga mat optional

* Torchlight

* Small daypack (for carrying raincoat, water bottles during the day)

* Water bottle (labelled)

* Insect repellent

* Personal medication

* School hat

* Book for reading at night

* Teddy to snuggle up to in bed

* Optional: Small pillow

Please DO NOT send the following items with your child:

• Camera

• Food Snacks and sweets/candy - we confiscate all food and dispose of it. Food in tents will attract the smaller mammals that roam around the zoo at night.

• Mobile phones or any other electronic equipment

• Money

We request that children use their green school backpacks.

Make sure that your child’s bag is clearly identifiable on the outside. Everything will fit! No suitcases, please.