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January 2021

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This month tip: Goal Planning

The AVID team at YMLA wants to share monthly tips and strategies that are good for ALL students. Check back each month to see what is new!

Planning SMART short, mid, and Long Term Goals

Crazy statistic: Neatly every student wants to graduate from a college, but only about 27% receive their degree nationwide.

What: Goal Setting is helpful to make sure you actually accomplish the goals that you set for yourself. Writing them down and thinking the steps will raise the likelihood of following through with your plan.

Now, what is a SMART goal?


Goals should be specific and easily understood. What you are going to do? Why is it important? What do you want to accomplish?


Goals should have concrete criteria for measuring progress. What data will you use to measure your progress toward your goal?


Goals should be action-oriented. What actions are you going to take to accomplish your goal?


Goals should be worth working toward and attainable. How do you know that it is reasonable for you to be able to accomplish your goal?


Goals should be achieved within a specific time frame. When is your deadline for accomplishing your goal?

Who: Everyone! We should all be goal planning! Work towards a goal helps us hold ourselves accountable and working to be our best selves.

When: Checking in every 6 months is ideal. January is a great month with everyone making NEW Year Resolutions. This year make 3!

  1. Short term (can accomplish in 6 months or less)
  2. Mid term (can accomplish in 1-2 years)
  3. Long term (can accomplish in 3-5 years)

Why: Making goals helps you realize what you really want to be working towards. They also help hold you accountable to following through with the steps it takes to accomplish them. sharing them with people as a support system will also push you to keep working towards your SMART goals.

SMART Goals - Quick Overview

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January 12, 2021

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