Week of March 21st-March 24th


Let me begin this newsletter by apologizing for so much information for you to read over. Testing is here and the DCA testing will determine teacher effectiveness. Therefore, it is important that you read this closely and be patient through this process. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


This week's PLCs will all be on Monday. 4th hour PLC will report at the end of first lunch. This is the final PLC for this school year. Dr. Price will be facilitating the PLCs on integrating historical artifacts into your lessons. I will also go over how you can assign a grade to your students for the DCAs. Please be on time and attentive during the last PLC.

ACT DCA Testing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

On Monday and Tuesday, Mrs. Harris will be administering the math portion of the ACT in the large classroom of the library for those teachers who are using the ACT as their SLT. Please refer to the e-mail that was sent out for those students that will be testing and do not mark them absent. Makeups for those students that are absent will be on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. Teachers, please allow those students to leave at the designated time that need to report for testing. We will try to make an announcement to have students report to the library for testing but, in case we are unable to, please refer to the e-mail and allow them to leave at the appropriate time. Thank you for your help!

DCA Testing for all other subjects

DCA testing will begin on Tuesday of this week. Please refer to the e-mail that was sent out to determine what day you will be testing, whose students you will be testing, and who will be testing your students. Please remember to write your class schedule on the board for the teacher that will be administering your test, especially if you teach more than one subject. ***NOTE: Mr. Yellott has decided to let you use whatever answer sheet you would prefer. We were originally going to have answer sheets prepared for you but you may now use whatever will work for you.*** Mr. Yellott has approved the DCA schedule that has been made so any changes you would like to make will have to be approved by him. I can't make any changes to the date that you have been scheduled to test.

DCA Concerns

I know many of you are worried about these DCAs. Please don't stress about it. By now, your students should be able to show plenty of growth from pre to post-test. Remember, they only have to show growth and not complete mastery on every single question. I have worked very hard coordinating this huge task so please be patient, flexible, and understanding. I had to work with the testing window that I was given by the district and I understand that it may not make everyone happy. I simply ask that you remain positive and polite when voicing your concerns.

*Make up testing: Danette Manuel and I will be administering all makeups for you so this should help take a load off of your plate. We are doing this to help you in the classroom so please be understanding with us since we will have to undertake makeup testing for every student in the school that needs one while still handling our own job duties. In some cases, students may need to makeup tests in more than one subject and may miss some instructional time in other classes. Please e-mail me the names of the students that need to take a makeup as soon as possible so that we will not be bombarded with makeup testing all at once and will be able to stagger them to make it run smoothly.


The time that many of you have been waiting for is almost here...spring break! I hope that you all have a wonderful week off with your family and friends. I pray for your safety if any of you are planning to travel over the holiday break! Enjoy your spring break and know that when you return to school, you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is a beautiful sun awaiting your return to summer break!