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April 26, 2019

Peace Out TN READY....We are DONE!

Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work to make this years testing a success. First, and I can't believe I'm typing this, but thanks to the state for not utterly making a mess of testing this year. Just a few glitches, but easily overcome. Leigh Anne did a great job organizing the entire testing window. Her vigilance in reading all of the required material, keeping a tight schedule, and maximizing all of our people at Lincoln and ASC staff to ensure that we had the right people to test and complete make up testing was a big reason we had a sold two weeks testing. Thank you to our IAs who turned their schedules upside down, proctored, tested, and then made up tested. You all are rock stars. Thank you to Henry and Marsha who held down the fort in the auditorium . And finally, thank you to all of you teachers. This really feels like the culmination of a year's worth of work. You have poured so much into your students to close gaps, master grade level standards, and build up confidence and endurance in all students. This really was a team effort and I am so grateful to be working with you all.

A separate and final thanks to our related arts team, Marsha and Kristen who volunteered to help this Friday with our end of testing celebration. Thank you for organizing the RA time to ensure that all students felt appreciated for their efforts. Marsha and Kristen are true cotton candy wizards! And for the record, Holly is truly efficient at getting icees flavored and created an efficient routine the third time around with Sabra "this isn't my first rodeo" Ewers who were masterful at making icees and put my process to shame!

I am so glad to be working with such a great group of educators that work at all levels to ensure that we have a positive environment, prepared kiddos, and hopefully positive growth with all students.

Professional Log Due Date --May 17

Thank you to those teachers who have turned your logs in already. Please make sure all turned in by May 17th before you leave. Thank you for recording your PD for the year accurately and using that form to to record your time.

Student Class Formation For Next Year.

We will be using the first Tuesday in May during our PLC time to meet in the conference room to organize students in class groupings for next school year. Like last year we will have pink and blue forms on the counter by Kathy's desk. We will alert you to when they are ready for you to get and complete for your current students.

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

The link below is for grade levels to sign up to support the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. We will be serving our volunteers on Friday, May 10th from 11:00 and 12:00. I'm starting at a 20 folks in attendance, but that could go up or down by a few . We will continue to update grade levels on the number in attendance.

Also make sure to mark your calendar for your students to create something heart felt to thank our volunteers for their time this year.

PLCs for remainder of the year.

April 30--Book Study

May 7--Class grouping in Conference room


May 21--Book Study

Please ensure that the master calendar is updated.

Just a friendly reminder that all of you have rights to add to the master calendar. When adding an element to your calendar (because google will always default to your calendar) use the drop down option for where it says "calendar" and choose "master calendar" that will put the event on the master calendar that everyone can see.

We have LOTS of events happening in the next four weeks and we need to ensure that we have everything on the calendar that is happening. Thanks in advance.

Student of the Month Assemblies will hold end of year awards for grade bands.

This Thursday will be the student of the month assembly for grades PreK-2. At this assembly we will also be awarding any other awards that need to be given for end of year purposes. So any RA awards, we will attempt perfect attendance/some kind of attendance awards (no promises on that I'm not sure what level of work that is off of power school), and of course the golden tray. This assembly will be longer than the other award ceremonies. Other than parents from student of the month recipients I do not anticipate inviting any other parents to the assembly.

Awards that are specifically for fifth graders and have traditionally been given during the fifth grade promotion will be given during that later assembly this year and not moved to Student Of The Month.

PreK students will have all their awards at the beginning of the assembly so they can depart the assembly before the turn into "pumpkins" for sitting too long.

Dentist is here next week--117 students will be seen.

The Sullivan Co. Health Department Dentists will be with us next week to work with our students. We have a rather large number of students being seen so thank you in advance for your patience with students leaving your class next week.

Our PTO is the BEST PTO

Thank you to all staff that came to support our PTO's afternoon at the park on Saturday afternoon. Our kids had a great time at the park playing with their fellow Lincoln Lions. It was a great afternoon.

The picture below is of members of the DB freshman baseball team who came over to volunteer their time to play basketball and wiffle ball with our kids at the park. Thanks so much to our greater Lincoln community for all the support!

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