Defying the Diva

By: D. Anne Love

Why should you read this book?

Defying the Diva is an inspirational book. This book is filled with wonderful detail, and describes what it is like to change from being neglected to be cared for by many people. This book is also a romantic story, filled with things that will make your heart melt.

Main Charcters

There is 3 main characters in this book. Haley is the narrator, she is strong because she gets bullied by the girls at her school. Camilla is cowardly, she is the must popular girl at her school and she bullies Haley. Aunt B is Haley's aunt, she is kind because she lets Haley spend the summer with her in Colorado.

Main Conflict

The main conflict is that Haley gets bullied by Camilla. Haley's friends are embarrassed to be around her so they start bullying her too. Haley gets bullied so much she almost commits suicide. This is a Person vs Person conflict. How does Haley deal with this bullying and make new friends? Read the book to find out!


Title: Defying the Diva

Author: D. Anne Love

Copyright: 2008

Genre: Realistic Fiction

The genre is realistic fiction because many of the events in this book could happen in real life.