Skulls and Symmetry

Skulls and Symmetry

The 3rd graders are combining their knowledge of symmetry from math and skulls from science to create 'Day of the Dead' inspired masks. Students are learning about a holiday commonly celebrated in Mexico called Día de Muertos. The students learn art inspired by the holiday is always colorful, usually shows skeletons and is not meant to be scary.

The Day of the Dead
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National Museum of Mexican Art (click link above to learn more)

"This year marks the 100th anniversary of the death of José Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913). Our annual Day of the Dead exhibit pays homage to this prolific genius printmaker, illustrator, and caricaturist. Join us in commemorating the man who created the La Catrina (The Fancy Lady), and who is considered the most renowned Mexican popular artist. Become a part of the largest Day of the Dead celebration in the United States by joining us at the opening of the exhibit dressed up as the Fancy Lady, the Dandy, or any other of Posada’s famous characters. Altars, installations, popular art, and fine art by more than sixty Mexican artists from both sides of the border are part of this remarkable exhibition."

3rd graders learn about the skeletal system in science.

Click on the link below for a link to Nemour's Kids Health to learn more about bones.